Storage Spaces You May Have Overlooked

Finding enough storage in a small room or space is not always easy, especially if you’re short on closets and cabinets. Here are a few suggestions for squeezing extra storage out of spaces you may have overlooked.

Display your kitchenware — and make it easily accessible — by hanging items on a backsplash. Mount rods and caddies onto the tile backsplash to create a beautiful and functional storage space for pots and utensils. Photo By: Rett Peek

End of Kitchen Counter
You can never have enough storage space for pots and pans in the kitchen. Squeeze in more storage by adding hooks to the end of the kitchen island. Photo By: Anita Diaz

Behind Cabinet Doors
The back of your kitchen cabinet door is perfect for hanging storage options. This storage space is ideal for measuring cups and spoons, plus a handy chalkboard guide to measuring equivalents. Photo By: Mandi Tremayne

Behind Doors
Utilize the space behind the doors in your home. Hang a functional shelving system to organize cleaning supplies, mops, ironing board etc., on the wall behind your laundry room door. Photo by Cassie Freeman

Above Doors
The empty space between a door and ceiling is an ideal place to add a shelf for extra storage. A simple shelf above the bathroom door to hold extra towels is perfect for a storage-challenged bathroom. Photo By: Jordan Hurd

Under the Bed
Store extra blankets and off-season clothes in these stylish and functional under-bed rattan boxes from Ikea. The cotton lining and cover prevent contents from gathering dust. Photo By: Ikea

Head of the Bed
Store small items or nighttime necessities in a headboard with built-in shelves. Ikea’s affordable Brimnes headboard is ideal for keeping books and magazines organized and off the floor in a bedroom. Photo By: Ikea

Mount sturdy racks to your garage ceiling for storage of bins, coolers and all those other rarely used items that take up space in your house. SafeRacks offers racks that can hold up to 600 pounds. Photo By: SafeRacks

Don’t Forget About the Doors
Another overlooked storage spot is the back of the door of your laundry room. Look for storage ideas that were designed for closets as a starting point. The unit in the photo works well for supplies, you could also use things like over-the-door shoe storage for small supplies. Even simple hooks mounted on the door would provide some additional space to hang laundry bags or hangers for drying delicate items. Photo By: The Container Store

Linen Closet
Linen closets can get overwhelmed with “stuff,” thin out the number of towels and sheets you own. A good rule of thumb: you only need two sets of sheets per bed. Toss or donate the rest.

Maximize space in a small room by installing floating shelves in the corner. The Franklin Shelf from Wayfair nestles into corners and also wraps around them. Photo By: Wayfair