6 Home Staging Tips for Closets

Home buyers are always looking for “lots of storage.” It is important that you make the storage in your home as appealing as possible. Yes, buyers will look inside your closets and if they appear to be cluttered, over flowing with items, it will be an instant turn-off. Lack of sufficient storage can be a deal breaker. Even if your closets are big in reality, if they are not presented properly they may give the opposite impression. Follow these 6 tips to get the most visual appeal for your closets.

1) Scale down what’s in them as much as possible. The first step to making your closets look more appealing to home buyers is to pare down what is in them. The more you have in your closets, the smaller the storage space they will appear. When there is less stored in them, it looks like there is room to spare and thus, a good amount of storage space. Pack away as much as you can and store it at a family member’s home, a friend’s home or at a temporary storage unit to clear up some space.

2) Replace clear bins with solid colour ones. Clear bins are great because you can see what’s inside them, but visually they can look messy for the exact same reason. Purchase some inexpensive opaque boxes or bins in a neutral colour, like white or grey, and keep things like shoes and accessories stored in them until you move.

3) Make sure all the hangers match. A variety of hangers creates a disorganized look that gives the space an untidy feel. By simply sticking to one type of hanger, you will create a much more streamlined look in your closet. Choose all wood hangers or pick one colour (such as white) to create a cohesive look.

4) Keep the floors clear. Anything that is on the floor of your closet should be put away or stored neatly in boxes or bins that can go on the shelves. A tidy floor adds to the spaciousness of the closet.

5) Organize the clothes by colour. Arrange the order of your clothes so that they are organized by colour, left to right, light colours to dark colours. Then, within each colour, you can organize them by style and size (for example short sleeves to long sleeves) It will gives your closet an instant organized look and it makes it easy for you to find things.

6) Install extra lighting. If there are dark corners in your closet, install some small lights to brighten them up. This will make your closet instantly appear larger and more spacious. Inexpensive push lights are available at hardware stores and they can be stuck right to the wall and can be taken down easily before you move. Don’t forget to turn them on for showings!