2019 Colour Trends Revealed

Do you ever stare at the colour wheel hoping against hope that a colour will jump out at you to paint on your living room walls? Imagine that picking paint colours was your full time job.  More than that, imagine that part of your job was to pick a colour of the year that best reflected both current trends in decorating and society’s mood and present temperament. 

One person has that dream job, her name is Ellen O’Neill. Her title is Director of Strategic Design Intelligence at Benjamin Moore. After much reflection she chose as the 2019 colour of the year Metropolitan AF-690, a midtone silvery gray colour.  O’Neill says she was inspired to pick a colour that offered a little serenity in a very hectic world. According to O’Neill, the colour will “make spaces feel more serene.” She says that Metropolitan “goes well with soft pinks and blush tones, but it really accommodates any gesture of colour – greens show up a lot in our palette.”

If gray is not your colour of choice don’t worry. O’Neill and her team have come up with a palette of 15 of the hottest colour trends for 2019.